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The Patient Portal

Accessing our secure portal is the only means of electronically communicating with our office and with our physicians due to govermental regulations (and not because we choose to make your life more difficult).  Ultimately, we believe this method will be easier and more efficient!  We understand that setting up the portal can be a bit confusing but it's the only option we have at this time.  We apologize should you have any issues in  the sign on process.  Should you have any set up questions, please call the office and ask for "Satoko" who is very knowledgeable in this matter.

Once you have established an account on our patient portal, you may use the portal for direct communication with your physician, requesting refills, requesting prior authorizations and HMO referrals.  It is secure, efficient and free.  


Step-By-Step Portal Set-Up

Begin here: 


If you are already established on the portal:

- Login (if you have already signed up):



**to recieve anything from our office or to create an email you must be in the Health Record category on left side of webpage**


If you are not yet established on the portal:

-Sign up (right upper corner)

-Fill out information then click submit

-Create a username/ password/choose security questions and answers then click sumbit

-Click on box that you accept terms and conditions then scroll down and click submit



Log into your email and confirm secure email


**Please log into the website for the first time**

-On the left side of website click on health record messages

-Click submit to establish connection for email (do not change what is there)

-Now click the button on the upper right corner (established physician connection)

-Type in 18 digit code from first email that was sent to you (not case sensitive/no dashes) and click submit

Congratulations! You are set up. 

Direct Email Addresses - Providers

Dr McClelland

Dr S Driker  

Dr Pikal       

Dr J Driker  

T. Dick, PA   

*please note: these email addresses can ONLY be used within the portal enviroment.  They will not work in other email servers  (i.e. gmail, hotmail, yahoo, xfinity, etc.)

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