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updated 10/2023

What do I do if I am sick?

COVID is resurging but we also are dealing with RSV, influenza, bronchitis, strep and the usual suspects!  In general, we prefer to try to manage via telehealth services in order to keep our valued patients and staff healthy.  We ask that the first thing you do is take a home COVID test.  Regardless of positive or negative, call the office and schedule a telehealth visit.  We can usually initiate appropriate therapies with that visit.  On weekends you can call the on-call provider.  

If need be, we can bring you in at end of day or provide testing in your car if needed.  

Paxlovid, an oral antiviral treatment is an emergency use authorized treatment and can be prescribed should you meet specific criteria.  Also, we must assess for drug-drug interactions and adjust dosing based on your kidney function, so it is a medication that cannot simply be prescribed without an assessment.  It has been proven to reduce hospitalization but it appears to also shorten duration of illness.  There are some side effects and will be discussed at your telemed visit.

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