COVID 19 Update

updated 7/22/2020

Keeping Patients and Employees Safe

NWIM strives to meet the needs of our valued patients and our community.  As an independent outpatient primary care practice, NWIM's most important commitment is to our patients.  We continue to care for our patients with acute medical issues and chronic diseases that are ongoing and affect their health and well-being.  Therefore, we are taking EVERY precaution to ensure the safety of our patients and staff.  We continue to monitor this continually evolving situation.  We will continue to post changes here as circumstances dictate.  

General Policies

  • our office policies are guided by CDC guidelines for outpatient medical facilities.  For more information you can review these at :

  • essential staff to manage phones, triage visits, and manage prescriptions and other needs continue in place with appropriate social distancing.  In compliance with Oakland County rules, every member of our staff has their temperature and symptoms assessed when they arrive on site.

  • we are seeing patients in our office for most all issues.  However, if a patient has an illness which could be COVID 19, that visit will be initiated via TELEHEALTH .  If it is deemed necessary, and after screening appropriately for COVID 19, that patient may be asked to come to the office to be seen if an accurate evaluation and treatment cannot be rendered by video technology.

  • our physicians, NP and PA can offer guidance for the evidence-based management of COVID 19 screening, exposures, symptoms, testing and treatment in keeping with CDC guidelines.  PLEASE CALL THE OFFICE AND SCHEDULE A TELEHEALTH VISIT

  • when a patient is in the office and within close distance, our staff will wear facial masks.  All patient MUST wear face covering nose and mouth while in the office.

  • only the patient being seen will be admitted to our office whenever possible.  If needed one additional family member may attend the vist only after prescreening for COVID 19.  

  • we have a cleaning and sanitizing program for surfaces and door handles in the office suite.

  • we are offering TELEHEALTH for some visits going forward as clinically appropriate so simply ask if you'd like to do your visit this way.   For example, pain medication refills, controlled substances, and CPAP compliance, have been successful with this technology.

  • our staff has been trained and continually updated on policies and procedures.

In general, we feel our office is as safe as possible in regards to infectious protocols.  We strive to make your visit comfortable and healthy.  We are absolutely amazed with our staff's commitment to our patients and look forward to caring for you in to the future.  

Screening, Exposures, Covid Symptoms and ANTIBODY testing

We are receiving many inquiries regarding testing for COVID 19.   IF YOU REQUIRE ADDITIONAL GUIDANCE ON  THE TYPE OF TEST, TESTING LOCATIONS, SYMPTOMS and OTHER CONCERNS, please schedule a TELEHEALTH VISIT with your physician or our NP Ashley  or PA Tyler.  Please read this as this may answer some of your questions:


Currently, many labs, urgent cares and others are offering  ANTIBODY testing for the generic Coronavirus (not necessarily just COVID 19).   Therefore, even with positive antibodies to this test,  we are unable to tell you if the antibody you have is definitively COVID and whether you are immune to the disease.   Furthermore, we won't know for a while as to whether one can contract the disease a second time.  Thus, gleaning any information that might guide us clinically isstill not possible.   

TESTING for COVID 19 is available at many urgent care offices.  Understand that you may incur some cost for an office visit although the actual test is usually covered.  FREE TESTING is available through Oakland County and at the State Fairgrounds.  You have to call to schedule a drive thru appointment.  Our feedback from patients it that this is a very efficient and streamlined process.  

OAKLAND COUNTY TESTING     call 800-848-5533

STATE FAIRGROUNDS                  call 313-230-0505

If you think you have COVID 19 symptoms and they are mild, please isolate yourself pending the results of your testing.  If you have more severe symptoms, please go to the nearest ER or call 9-1-1

Masks, Facial Covering, Social Distancing and Hand Washing


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