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Your Trusted Primary Care Source

For over two decades, NWIM has been a leader in the delivery of high quality, value driven healthcare.  Our team is caring, compassionate, competent and leaders in their field.  With the support of our office staff, the practice has been at the forefront of quality innovations including e-prescribing, care registries, group visits, quality improvement, care management, PCMH and electronic health records. This is just a small demonstration of our commitment to being part of your health care solution. 


Our Mission

North Woodward Internal Medicine seeks to be the primary care leader in the delivery of high quality evidence-based care, superior clinical outcomes, and outstanding service and satisfaction to our patients.

Our History

North Woodward Internal Medicine was founded in 1996 with the support of Beaumont Hospital.  The original office was in Birmingham and in 2001 we moved to our current location.  We are an independent, private practice.  Our physicians are not employees, but rather owners.  Does that matter?  You bet it does.  Our sole responsibility is to you--our valued patient. The results speak for themselves.  Just ask our patients. 

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